The Overlay Simulation Framework
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Installation Instructions for old OverSim releases

These instructions show you how to install OverSim for Linux. Compiling and running OverSim for Windows is currently not supported (If you want to compile OverSim for Windows, you should take a look at the OMNeT++ install instructions for Windows).

  1. Requirements for OMNeT++ and OverSim:

If you have a debian-based distribution like Ubuntu you can install these packages with:

  sudo apt-get install tk8.4-dev libgmp3-dev libstatistics-descriptive-perl
  1. Download OMNeT++ 3.4b2 from http://www.omnetpp.org/ after reading the License
  1. Create a new directory (in the following we assume you want to install OMNeT++ and OverSim to ~/sim/) and extract OMNeT++:
      mkdir ~/sim
      cd ~/sim
      tar xzf /tmp/omnetpp-3.4b2-src.tgz
  1. Add the following lines to your .bashrc or .profile:
      export PATH=$PATH:~/sim/omnetpp-3.4b2/bin:~/sim/INET-20061020-OverSim-3/bin
      export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:~/sim/omnetpp-3.4b2/lib
  1. Optionally edit omnetpp-3.4b2/configure.user and change CFLAGS for speed and profiling:
      CFLAGS='-O3 -DNDEBUG=1 -gstabs+3 -Wall'
  1. Compile OMNeT++. If your gcc is older than 4.x please read this page!
      cd ~/sim/omnetpp-3.4b2
  1. Download the patched version of the INET framework INET-20061020-OverSim-3.tgz and extract in next to your OMNeT++ installation:
      cd ~/sim
      tar xzf /tmp/INET-20061020-OverSim-3.tgz
  1. Edit INET-20061020-OverSim-3/inetconfig and change ROOT to your install of the INET framework:
  1. Compile the INET framework:
  1. Download the latest OverSim snapshot OverSim-20080919.tgz and extract in next to your OMNeT++ installation:
      cd ~/sim
      tar xzf /tmp/OverSim-20080919.tgz
  1. Compile OverSim:
      cd ~/sim/OverSim-20080919

Congratulations - now you should have a working OverSim installation! For instructions how to use OverSim look at OverSimUsage.

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